Richard DeVuono, Writer

"ISIS ENEMY MINE" a screenplay for your consideration.

Genre: (Action/Crime)

 Logline: A young cop avenges his mother’s death leap from the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

Set in New York City, Rocco Martarello, a superb athlete attends Notre Dame on a football scholarship only to see his dreams of becoming a professional player dashed when he sustains a career ending injury. Although Rocco’s family is wealthy, he turns to law enforcement and graduates tops in the class winning the prestigious gold braid award at the New York Police Academy.  Due to extraordinary police work he personally defeats an ISIS attack on New York City that would kill millions with insidious acts including poison gas and germ warfare. The riveting suspense, high stakes and realistic attack plan in “ISIS Enemy Mine” will leave the audience thinking “Wow that could really happen”.

If you would like the full version contact me.

Richard DeVuono - 321- 804 4642 -

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